Irene van Nispen Kress

An Amsterdam based documentary photographer, who loves to make stories about people in their environment.
My photography is best described as Social Documentary Photography.
I prefer to make beautiful pictures, but telling a story about people in their environment is what really drives me.
These are pictures of real people in real situations. Nothing orchestrated.
Giving a sense of self recognition.

In fact I am trying to capture what is obscure. It is like listening with your eyes.

Emotions are crucial. In a fast changing world we might often find it hard to cope emotionally. Anxiety and obscurity often gets in the way. We try to control things with systems and technology. Ultimately though we have to deal with our emotions. We can’t hide them or suppress them forever.

The way we communicate makes it hard to find out how people really feel.
Our lives are structured in such a way that we display only that we wish to portray.  We hang out with people who are like us. And we have often no idea how other people live.

This is what I am trying to show. A piece of people’s vulnerability a well as their strength. Or just simply what they do. So you will know.